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Towbar Care And Maintenance

Your BTA Towbar will provide many years of safe, hassle free towing however regular inspection and maintenance will ensure your Towbar lasts for the lifetime of your vehicle.


Ensuring your towbar remains in good condition is key to its longevity.

The towbar, hitch receiver, tongue and lock should be cleaned regularly with a water based detergent. Pressure washers should be used on a lower intensity setting to ensure paint is not removed from the Towbar.

Check for signs of paint wear and surface rust. If found then sand off affected area and apply a black enamel based paint suitable for metal. This procedure will become more common if your vehicle is exposed to salt water or you live near the coast.

Check your Towball for grooves, rust or any deformation and replace if necessary.

Your Towball should be greased prior to towing a trailer.  When the towball is not being used apply a cover for protection.


Towbars rarely need Inspecting but knowing your Towbars characteristics and how it sits in relation to your vehicle can help identify any underlying issues before they become major.

For instance a tongue or towball mount suddenly pointing towards the ground may indicate something has moved or your suspension is not coping with the extra load of your trailer.

Generally if installed correctly tow bars do not become loose however, we recommend checking your towbar and tongue bolts annually for tightness and any signs of fatigue or movement.

Used Towbars

We generally recommend not buying second hand towbars. Not knowing the towbars history means parts may be worn out and unsafe. A towbar may have been damaged in an accident or used outside its towing specifications. These factors could make installation problematic and dangerous for the end user.

For technical questions regarding any of these issues then consult your local towbar installation outlet or contact us at