My Trailer Ball Mount rattles!


The rattle results from tolerances in the steel tube used for the manufacture of towbar hitch receivers.
One option is the fitment of an anti-rattle bolt with the requirement to tighten when not towing & loosen when towing. This requirement is rarely followed resulting in mushrooming of the bolt & wear to the TBM tube. Over time the mushrooming makes the bolt increasingly difficult to tighten/loosen & typically results in the bolt head sheering off. In some cases, it may also prevent removal of the TBM. The rattle returns …

BTA Towing Equipment’s Anti Rattle Hitch Pin (Part Number – ARHP) which comes as standard on all of our Class 4 hitch towbars not only acts as a theft deterrent, it permanently eliminates that annoying rattle.

  • Suits all standard 2 inch ( 50mm ) TBM’s manufactured from a hollow section tube.
  • Quick & simple to install requiring only the multipurpose tool which is supplied as part of the kit.
  • For vehicles that require extra pin length clearance use Part Number – ARHPL.
  • Does not Fit Solid Towball Mounts / Hitch receivers with offset pin holes.